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Drackokek's Application
« on: June 26, 2019, 08:37:08 pm »
Real Name (If you like): Jarell Small
In-Game Name + Other Nicks (Must): Drackokek
Age (If you like): turning 16 in November
Gender (If you like): Male
Country (Must): Trinidad
Average Ping (Must): 100-190
Your FPS (Must): 50-60
Your TIMEZONE (Must): GMT -2
Are you a RW-er or WW-er? (Must): RW
Rate your RW (Running Weapon) skills (Must): 8/10
Rate your WW (Walking Weapon) skills (Must): 6/10
Miscellaneous Skill(s) (Must): 6
Best Weapons (If you like): Uzi,sawns,combat,m4
What Bugs do you know? (If you like):litefoot,cbug,slide bug,ninja jack
How did you find us? (Must): Lvp
Why did you apply for Naughty Legends? (Must):One of the strongest clan in lvp. Skilled,  mature and chilled players. I will love to be apart of this family
How would you help us? (Must): In any fights that happen i can help out and will contribute with my ideas and skills
Do you accept to help a fellow nL in battle if he is in a 1v1, 1v2 etc. or fighting your friend? (Yes/No) (Must): sure
Which players do you know that are in Naughty Legends? (If you like): Sophie and Rage
Who do you think is the sexiest player in Naughty Legends? (If you like): Sophie :3
How long are you playing GTA SA-MP? (If you like): 3 years and 6 months
What was your first server you played on? (If you like): CODMW3
Which servers do you play on? (If you like): Plan b PTP, Lvp, SFSE,BewZ,UIF,LS-SW, Modern freeroam
What is your main server? (Must): Plan b ptp
Do you have more then 50 hours spent on any of those servers? (If yes, link us a URL) (Must): Yup
Have you ever been BANNED on any server? (If yes, mention) (Must):Baneed from plan b for crashes.asi mod,and admins  say its health hack
Are you a Admin/Moderator/VIP on any popular server? (If yes, mention) (If you like): VIP in plan b,Admin in Modern Freeroam
Which clan(s) have you been in? (Must): [InS]
Why did you leave them? (Must): Inactive members and i wanna start in a fresh clean clan
Which clan(s) have you applied in? (Must): [BB] AND [InS]
Superman Vs Batman (Who wins?) (If you like): Batman
Pizza or Salad? (What's better?) (If you like): Pizza
Pokemon or Tom&Jerry? (What's better?) (If you like): Tom and Jerry
Extra Info (If you like): Discord @Smoken#5399

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Re: Drackokek's Application
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 10:13:35 pm »
ok accepted son